Courses & Workshops


This course is created specifically for students who have either never practiced before or for yoga students that have let their practice slip as well as for students who would like to learn the dynamic style of Hatha Yoga. We strongly recommend that you undertake our 10 week foundation course before attending our general classes if you are new to yoga. Course covers the Foundational asanas (postures), pranayama (breath awareness), concentration, and meditation. This 10 weeks is a beautiful balance of learning how to connect the body, breath, and mind, cultivating an experience of union and clarity. From here you gain the confidence you need to attend any yoga class in the future.


Jñāna yoga ("union due to pure knowledge") Get Comfortable and allow High Voltage spread our philosophical knowledge while you relax and meditate.


Is a class for student who already have a consistent yoga practice and would like to learn how to advance practice to the next level. Class is a workshop style standard class with intermediate poses.


Take some time to deeply reconnect with your body. This mini-retreat emulates the principles of a silent mediation or yoga retreat. We start with a 75 minute yin yoga practice to bring you deeply to your body. This is followed by a relaxing and silent tea ceremony in the beautiful HVW yoga foyer/community space. We then return for a 45 minute guided meditation into sound, breath, body sensations and emotions. You will walk away from this session with a profound sense of relaxation! Yin yoga is a perfect compliment to active, yang oriented lifestyles. Partly because the deep stretching poses rejuvenate and strengthen our deep connective tissues Yin yoga also promotes quiet introspection, tolerance and develops our ability to calmly observe without reacting. Ideal for any student including those with no prior Yin Yoga experience or those whose joints require a little extra care and support. We will use a restorative style of yin practice to ensure a safe and gentle transition into postures but you are free to take the stretch or 'edge' as deep as feels appropriate.