About Us

High Voltage Wellness And MedSpa

Intriguing parts of a unique whole: living your life at the highest vibration.

High Voltage Wellness and MedSpa is committed to helping you achieve a complete transformation in your body, mind and soul. We believe that by creating the right vibration and energy between your physical body and spirit, you will be on the path to living a life full of happiness and freedom.

We understand the importance of good health and the fact that it is a life goal that can only be achieved by making deliberate choices. Therefore, our solution to all of your health challenges is to apply a holistic approach that utilizes a blend of natural options and scientific advancements; giving you the opportunity to live a balanced and super-charged healthy lifestyle. At High Voltage Wellness and MedSpa, science meets nature to provide you with long-term health benefits that cannot be obtained in any other way.

Our range of services includes brightning facials, 24k mask, a vitamin cocktail made especially for you, yoga and meditation or medical aesthetics and weight loss programs.

We believe that you are destined for greatness and this can only be achieved when you are living at the optimal level of health and wellbeing. 

The Owners

High Voltage Wellness and MedSpa was created by AnnaMaria Locilento and Omar Wright co-founders of High Voltage Group, a luxury concierge company. High Voltage Wellness and MedSpa was founded in response to increasing demand by their existing clients for a holistic wellness center in Boston. With their combined creativity and shared years of experience, they created a business centered on making the lives of their clients more convenient.

The combined services offered by both businesses now ensure that clients can benefit from their corporate wellness programs and holistic retreats, in a serene environment with top-notch aesthetics and design that create a sense of tranquility and peace in your mind and body.

The Oasis

The vision is simple: to create an oasis in Boston which will serve as a destination for healing, wellness and internal peace.

High Voltage Wellness and MedSpa utilizes the unique blend of space was designed to create a place that caters for the complete health of the individual and also serves as a beacon of hope for the community.

We are committed to helping you prepare for every level of your life, and this has informed our decision to provide services that cater for your physical, mental, spiritual and psychological needs. In addition, by working with shelters, detox centers and schools, we have positioned ourselves as a haven that will help with integrating people back into the society after traumatizing events.

Our Mission

To create a haven that caters to the holistic health of our clients, with emphasis on providing experiences that liberate the mind and soul and enhances the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of our clients, while providing growth opportunities for our practitioners. 

Core Values

Respect and honor

We respect our clients, their privacy and individual needs. We believe in mutual respect and this is the hallmark of our service delivery.

Team Work

We believe that the results obtained from our systems are as a result of the work of committed practitioners and clients who are determined to find their inner peace. We value this commitment and will never compromise on it.

Integrity and service

 This is our watch word and we will always place a premium on client satisfaction while offering excellent, bespoke and distinctive services.

Welcome to High Voltage Wellness and MedSpa:
Where you feel the Energy!